A downloadable game for Windows


  • left mouse button  - place blue portal
  • right mouse button - place red portal
  • space - start level


This game is a real-time puzzle game. The tank drives straight ahead to the next pole, disregarding any obstacles. Your job is to place wormholes so that the tank won't crash. The game contains 9 short levels and was made for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1.

Source Code (beware: a total mess!): https://github.com/3cki/brackeys-game-jam-2020.1

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Install instructions

Use a zipping tool (like WinRAR or 7zip) to open this .rar file. You don't have to install the game, it is portable.


Windows 64 Bit 41 MB
Windows 32 Bit 39 MB

Development log


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Pretty funny, but the level with the two flags is a bit difficult. It doesn't make sense for the tank to start turning all of a sudden. If it just moves in straight lines, that would make it easier to solve it.

Thank you for your feedback